Hold On EP

by Antesaint

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released June 20, 2014



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Antesaint Barnsley, UK

A 4-piece post Grunge Alternative Rock band based in Barnsley formed in early November 2012. Fist pumping riffs, melodies and lyrics to make people cry, sing and dance!
Antesaint are:
Haley Smith - Vocals & Bass Guitar
Sam Sharpe - Guitar
Tom Wilkinson - Guitar
Joe Hunter - Drums

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Track Name: Hold On
Hold on through fire
Through the arms that held you in
It's been so long
Since you've been let go again
And how could you wait?
To get on the road again
Won't get too far
Candles burning at both ends

So long my friend
Wasn't one until the end
Cause bones will be broken with words you have made
But who said I'm one to walk away

(The truth the lies that laid between rights the wrongs that's born in me)

It's too late they said
When you've wronged there's nothing left
Can you be truthful and endure to survive
Seeing all the pain that's in your eyes
Track Name: Falling
Will you lay down for a while
And then I'll know that it's not over
How can years pass just like sunsets
Each day feels like weight within me

But I won't wait
For an old memory
That won't ring true

Can't help falling for you
But you're not there to catch me
You say I'm a sinking ship but you're the captain
You'll go down with me

If my love was an ocean
You'd feel like you were drowning
If each thing I'd say was written
I'd leave all my pages open

But I won't wait
To limit myself for you
Not this time


You should know
How much it hurts inside
You should know

I won't go
Unless you tell me to
You should know

Can't help falling for you
Can't help falling

Track Name: Downfall
Day ends turn over I'm with you
There is nothing sweeter and that really is the truth
And I can't think of nothing more
Of a Better fit for my fingertips
Or what I'm looking for

You won't let
Let this downfall
Can we take it
Can we make it after all?
And if we let, every regret
Take over, we'll have nothing in the end

You never say the worst things in your head
Always let them take over
Until there's nothing left
And I'll be here standing til the end
you're the one that makes me fall apart
And then picks me up again


Maybe one day I'll be all those things
That you read about, but never had the chance to really feel
And I know that I am not the best
But hopefully I could be your world and that will be the end